Hardwood Allen

Hardwood Allen

We are serving people in Allen TX for years and we offer our Hardwood flooring in a broad range of woods and finishes to allow you unbridled creativity in your choices, whether you seek a warm, refined, traditional style, or a cool, urban attitude. We take our commitment to you and your home seriously and guaranty our work.
Floor Hut’s flexibility and experienced, creative install team allows us to meet and exceed any design and architectural demands of a given project.
Our main goal is to highlight the natural perfection of wood in every single project.
We provide free estimates here in Allen TX, and we can conduct phone and onsite estimates to evaluate each Hardwood flooring job.
Floor Hut is proud to provide the services necessary for a professional hardwood flooring installation or refinishing job. That’s why we’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for extraordinary service, a keen eye for detail, and fair prices. When you are looking for the best wood flooring professionals in Allen, trust us!

Floor Hut-Hardwood

Solid and Engineered wood floors

We have an enormous selection of hardwood colors, species, and design patterns to choose from – each with it’s own appeal. Choose from a variety of surfaces such as smooth finish, handscraped, distressed, wire brushed, and more. There are also various types of edges to choose from.At Floor Hut we work hard to ensure every project we work on is completed to the standards of the highest caliber. Be sure and visit our vendor links to view the different types of hardwood floors available at Floor Hut.

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Renovating a home and choosing new flooring can be a pretty daunting task considering the amount of options that you have available. One of the most commonly used materials for this purpose is hardwood and this comes with good reason—not only does it look great and lends warmth to any space it is used in, hardwood flooring also comes with a slew of other benefits. That said, to help you make a more informed decision, we’ll go through the pros and cons of using this material for your home.


  • Easy to maintain. These types of floors are capable of withstanding the usual wear and tear that floors go through. If cared for properly, they can easily last a hundred years—some old houses have their floors intact despite the rest of the home going into disrepair. Maintenance does not require much. Just make sure that it is cleaned well and that you’re using the proper wood floor cleaner as some can be harsh and may cause damage.
  • Value. Though not the most affordable option available, they do provide you with great value for money as you need not replace them for years. Think of it as an investment into the life of your home.


  • Requires refinishing ever so often. Depending on the kind of wood you’ve chosen, you may need to refinish it occasionally. This is particularly true for the softer wood varieties as they tend to get blemished and scratched much more easily compared to others. Refinishing wood flooring professional may cost you anywhere from $1 to $4 per square foot. You can do this by yourself, but it does require a lot of work and can eat up a significant chunk of your time.

So, are hardwood floors worth the money? It all boils down to your personal preference and your budget. Of course, design is also a factor here. If you have the right resources and want to invest in something that will last, then this is a great option to look into in McKinney, Frisco and Allen.


Hardwood floors can add both warmth and beauty to any room in the house.


Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, rustic, or other, we’ll work with you to create your dream home environment.


We also service Dallas and Plano.



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