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We are serving people in Allen TX for years and we offer our Carpet flooring in a broad range of woods and finishes to allow you unbridled creativity in your choices – whether you seek a warm, refined, traditional style, or a cool, urban attitude. We take our commitment to you and your home seriously and guaranty our work.
Floor Hut’s flexibility and experienced, creative install team allows us to meet and exceed any design and architectural demands of a given project.
Our main goal is to highlight the natural perfection of wood in every single project.
We provide free estimates here in Allen TX, and we can conduct phone and onsite estimates to evaluate each Carpet flooring job.
Floor Hut is proud to provide the services necessary for a professional Carpet flooring installation or refinishing job. That’s why we’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for extraordinary service, a keen eye for detail, and fair prices. When you are looking for the best Carpet flooring professionals in Allen, trust us!

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Let’s face it, carpet is still the most popular flooring option for many. It is comfortable, relatively affordable, and very easy to install or replace.

While it is warm and soft under your feet, today’s carpet can also be highly durable and even stain-resistant.

At Floor Hut we have a wide array of textures, colors, and patterns to choose from. Let us help you find the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and price.

The Pros and Cons of Carpet Flooring

These days, not many people opt for carpeted flooring for their homes and would often consider this particular design feature as outdated. However, it cannot be denied that if you’re looking for a luxurious yet cozy feel to your home, carpets are sure to do the trick. For an extra touch of opulence, you can even opt for wall to wall carpeting instead of just using it in one particular area of the room.


  • Can easily hide any flaws that your current flooring has. If its wood has unsightly imperfections or if it is stained in any way and you wish to hide it, using carpets for this purpose is the easiest solution. Just be careful of the design and color you choose as it can easily make or break a space.
  • Sound insulation. Aside from adding warmth to the space you put it in, using carpet for your flooring can also help cut down the amount of noise present in that area. It basically absorbs all of the sounds and prevents it from reverberating. Whether it be the movement of your kids or chatter within the family, carpets can help lessen its volume.


  • Keep in mind that it actually retains both odors and stains. If you’re not careful, any occasional spills may remain as a stain for years until you choose to replace the carpet. The same goes if you have pets in your home; this is one of the many reasons why carpeted flooring isn’t recommended for households that have kids and pet animals.
  • Costly maintenance. Compared to all the other options, carpeted floors are the most expensive when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning it alone, especially if done professionally, can set you back a few hundred dollars.

So, should you consider carpeted flooring? This all boils down to personal preference. While it isn’t the most cost-effective option, do know that it can really elevate a home’s entire appearance if used properly. Come by now if you’re in McKinney, Frisco or Allen.

We also service Dallas and Plano.




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